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A while ago, I was working with a problem in C# where where our code would get deadlocked, and since someone must die or several must starve, I thought it would be nice to just toss a "try again if deadlocked" statement into the exception handler. I muttered this thought on twitter to see if there was any language with such a try-catch-try-again-if construct.

Is there try..retry?

A couple of my tweeps responded with what we we're used to using: loops.

Isn't that WHILE?

Most people just figure a loop is sufficient.

Another two mentioned redo in Ruby.

There is redo in Ruby

There is redo in Ruby

redo is certainly a cool construct (and underused), but it doesn't do what I want it to:

  raise from_the_dead

Night of the Living Dead

Ruby responds, "tryredo.rb:35: unexpected redo." As you might know, you need to use a loop:

class Zombie
  def initialize 
    @starving = true

    @last_feeding =
  def eat(bodypart)

    @starving = ( - @last_feeding) * 10_000_000 > 3 
    starving_enough_to_reconsider = @starving && rand > 0.5

    unless starving_enough_to_reconsider || bodypart == "braaaiiinzzz"
      raise "Zombies don't like #{bodypart}"  
    puts "Mmmmm... #{bodypart}"

    @starving = false
    @last_feeding =

zombie =
["feet", "stomach", "intestines", "braaaiiinzzz"].each do |bodypart|
  begin bodypart
    sleep 1
    puts $!


So I'll ask to this larger audience:

Suppose I have a zombie who only really likes eating braaaiiinzzz. Most of the time, he gets exactly what he wants. But every so often, we try to feed him some other body part. Now, if he's really hungry, he eats it. We might only have fingers available at the time, so I want to try to feed him fingers again until brains are available or until he's hungry enough to eat the fingers.

I know that conceptually this is just a loop even if we don't explicitly code it. But does your language have a try again? What do you think the merits or demerits of such an approach would be? Is it just a harmful goto?

My zombie is hungry and waiting. Rather impatiently I might add.

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cool update.

Posted by Tracy B. on Nov 05, 2020 at 01:25 AM UTC - 5 hrs

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