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I wanted to turn an HTML <select> element into an autocomplete. I also wanted to match on more than one attribute. So, I made jquery.autocomplete_from_select.js. Thoughts?

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I was having trouble with dragging and dropping elements using Scriptaculous's dragdrop.js. Apparently, I'm not the only one. The problem was:
I have a div with overflow = auto, so when there is more content than the size of the div, scrollbars appear. My draggables and droppables are all elements inside of that div. Everything works fine when the scrollbar is scrolled all the way to the top, but when you scroll it down any amount, the draggables fail.

The last bit of advice from Chad Fowler's 52 ways to save your job was to be a generalist, so this week's version is the obvious opposite: to be a specialist.

The intersection point between the two seemingly disparate pieces of advice is that you shouldn't use your lack of experience in multiple technologies to call yourself a specialist in another. Just because you develop in Java to the exclusion of .NET (or anything else) doesn't make you a Java specialist. To call yourself that, you need to be "the authority" on all things Java. More...

The second talk I attended at NFJS was Stuart Halloway's JavaScript for Ajax Programmers. I had planned to attend a different session, but all the seats were full, and Stuart's presentation was in the large room, so I figured I could sneak in a bit late without anyone taking much notice.

After attending the session, I wasn't upset that the other one had been full - Stuart had quite a few tidbits of solid advice to give us. The funny thing is, I read his blog and didn't realize he was at the conference until I entered the room and saw the first slide. If I had known, I would have likely attended his presentation anyway, so the fact that the other one was full was a stroke of luck in that regard (although, I know it would have been good as well because I've been in courses from the speaker). More...


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