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You wouldn't market a product to American audiences in German. A soft drink company wouldn't try to sell a drink to consumers based on the measured quantity of red dye #8 it contains. Common sense tells you that to sell a product to an audience, you have to speak to that audience in a language they can both understand and relate to.
-Chad Fowler, My Job Went To India, page 133.

In other words, when you market yourself, consider to whom you are doing the marketing. Consider the perception drivers that define what a particular group responds well to, and use language that they understand. As Chad notes, "businesses and those who run them are interested in business results," so it's unlikely your discussion of the latest inversion of control framework is going to move them. Focus on why and how that helps the business.

Of course, that is in general. Clearly there are some companies where management knows quite a bit about the details of technology. Still, the role they are playing dictates they care about how that technology affects the business goals, not the other way around.

If you align your goals and your work with the goals of your business, putting yourself in others' shoes enough to communicate at their level shouldn't be very difficult.

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