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Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein, a "mosty web developer," who decided to use C++ to run a light show for his brother's band. The series of posts linked to there describe that experience. Here's what he had working by the end of the contest:

DMX Lightshow - Part 3 from Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein on Vimeo.

Anselm Bradford took the time to look at PureMVC and learn its underlying architecture.

Marcos Placoná figured out how to program his Sony PSP, and submitted one project for checking time zones, and another for translating common French/English phrases.

Screenshot of time zone PSP app

Screenshot of translation PSP app

Increasing Participation
I got more submissions this year than last year, but it was still small compared to the number of readers who saw the post. There were around 20% fewer people who saw this post as opposed to last year's, but RSS subscribership has gone up around 500%. (Chad Fowler linked to last year's post, which accounts for the difference.)

Last year the ratio of submissions to people who saw the post was about 1/1000, while this year it was 5.7/1000.

What can be done to improve that number? It'd be nice to see 50 in 1000, or perhaps even 100. This year I gave a few suggestions, and judging by the entries, it looks like they were taken to heart.

But I'm not sure if we're at peak interest, or if it can be improved again next year. So here's the question for you: if you saw the post and didn't submit an entry, why not? No time? Prize too weak? Just not interested in the first place? Something else?

Feel free to use the contact form to email me privately if you'd rather not give your reasons in public.

Thanks for any feedback, and major thanks and congratulations to all the contestants! I look forward to seeing your projects again next year!

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