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You feel, look, and do better when you are accomplishing goals and showing progress. That's one reason you'll find it in this week's advice from MJWTI.

The chapter is called "Daily Hit" and in it Chad recommends "setting a goal (daily, weekly, or whatever you're capable of) and tracking this type of accomplishment." Make sure it's known to your manager as well - don't let the underpants gnomes take credit for your success. Also, the shorter the distance between hits the better, since "if you're supposed to produce a hit per day, you can't spend two weeks tracking the perfect task."

I work in an environment where it wouldn't benefit me to "tell the manager" about my daily hits. They know already. But you might want to make yours known. Obviously you don't want to be braggadocious about it, but don't keep it to yourself either.

I like to do more than one hit per day. One is the absolute minimum. I try to get an overview of what needs to be done during the week, and create a high level plan in my mind over the weekend. I'll set each day's tasks and the time I'll be working on them on the day before. Then, I stick to the plan.

Even when I don't finish a task in the time allotted, I can reschedule and finish it the next day. In this way, I'm always having small successes which keeps me motivated and moving along towards my goals.

We're not talking about just what has to be done - it's about going above and beyond that. Chad ends the chapter with the advice to make a list of the "nitpicky problems" you and your team face that waste a little time each day, and starting to do some work on those things. I've done some of that, but there's plenty left to do, and re-reading this chapter reminded me that I need to start scheduling those things as well.

Do you do anything similar?

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