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For the next 52 weeks, I'll be following (and sometimes dispensing) advice from Chad Fowler's conveniently packaged one-chapter-per-week-in-a-year book, My Job Went to India and how to save your job without writing spaghetti code (like me) so that only you can disentangle the mess. (It's an important book). Anyway, today marks start of the first week. (Let's do 7 plus or minus 2 days)

By coincidence, this goes along well with the "what are you doing to become a better developer in the next six months" meme. So what are you doing?

Anyway, back to what we can learn from Chad...

Find: Jobs

In the first nine chapters, Chad tells us how to choose the right market. So for my first week, he addresses supply and demand: first we want to search jobs in our home country, as well as those available offshore. Compare the results and highlight skills in demand in your home country that nobody (or very few people) offshore is offering.

Then, you just need to become good at those technologies that are in demand but aren't yet available offshore (or in high supply). This is simple economics.

To get a head start, you might want to watch the alpha geeks and see what they're doing, but you can probably afford to start a little farther along on the curve.

Sounds easy enough. So, start googling. Better yet, why doesn't someone create a service that performs this search and analysis for us?

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