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First I wanted to thank Andrew Powell for his gracious offer to help on this project. Then, the update:

The ScriptaGulous RIAForge page (as does the SVN repository) has a zip with a file that actually compiles now, so you can start using it in your projects.

There are a couple of tags that were removed, such as cfloop and cfoutput, where it doesn't make sense to have them (unless we decide to use closures). Some tags, such as cfmail and cfhttp include extra parameters for their respective "params." The general guideline followed is that it is an array of structs - each struct is full of name/value pairs that represent the param tag's attributes and values you want to give those attributes. Please have a look at the hints, and if they aren't clear, feel free to ask us (or tell us what doesn't work) at the issue tracker at RIAForge or the scriptaGulous Google group.

There has been some suggestion about packaging this into CFCs (and I like that idea). That will happen down the line (when someone has time to sort through and categorize the tags), but I see it as being an option to use instead of simply including the entire file. So basically, I'm thinking related functions/tags will be in separate libraries, and then the respective CFCs will include them, and a monster CFC might aggregate all the individual ones (not sure about the monster CFC, but I think a monster file would be good for include purposes if you choose that route).

I want to stress that I only checked that it compiles. I've got some non-CF work to do over the next couple of days, so if anyone has CF work to do and wants to use it, we'd appreciate any comments on what works, what doesn't, and what works but not how you might expect. Again, feel free to tell us these things using the issue tracker at RIAForge or the scriptaGulous Google group. I'll commit to responding and fixing things relatively quickly (most likely within the same day).

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