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Today I was writing this simple function to recursively create XML based on a struct, and ran into a minor gotcha:

   function structToXML(struct)
      var result = "";
      for (item in struct)
         if(not isStruct(struct[item]))
            result = result & "<#item#>#struct[item]#</#item#>";
            result = result & "<#item#>" & structToXML(struct[item]) & "</#item#>";
      return result;

Can you spot the problem? Its easy to miss: I forgot to var my loop variable, item. I normally remember to put most variables in the var scope, but I often forget to do so when variables are being defined in or by a tag, or in a loop. Things like item, index, and query names. So I spent some time trying to figure out why ColdFusion's stack didn't seem to be working properly: instead of closing the tag with the correct element name, it was closing it with the last used one on recursive calls.

I was about to ask if anyone could help me spot the flaw in my logic when it hit me - the var scope!

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