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I recently found the Google Testing Blog and they have a series called "Testing on the Toilet," which are quick one-page write-ups on automated testing issues.

The latest issue of TotT covers Extracting Methods to Simplify Testing.

One of the interesting things for me is that they mention
The first hint that this method could use refactoring is the abundance of comments. Extracting sections of code into well-named methods reduces the original method's complexity. When complexity is reduced, comments often become unnecessary.
This isn't the first place this has come up, and it's not new either (to those in the know). In fact, not too long ago, I pondered something similar when I asked if you can name a block of code, is that a valid indicator that it should be a method?

Anyway, I think the Google Testing Blog is a good place to go to learn about testing. (and oh yeah- Google is holding a test automation conference in New York towards the end of summer. It's free, but you'll have to justify why you should be one of the 150 people accepted to attend.)

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