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As I'm getting into little details about the generation cfrails is doing, I had a couple of questions I thought the community could provide some insight on better than my own experiences regarding lists.

One of the great things about generating this stuff is that you can have for free all the bells and whistles that used to take a long time to do. In particular, you can have sorting on columns automatically generated, as well as pagination.

So question 1 is: given that you can have sorting for free, would you rather automatically sort on every column, and specify any columns you did not want to sort on, or would you prefer to not have sorting placed automatically, but just specify which columns to sort on?

And question 2: Given that more and more people are on broadband, is it time to up the 10-record limit on results? I find it annoying to have to reload all the time, and if given the option, I normally up the results/page to 50 or 100. What do you think, would you make the default number of results/page higher (and how high would you take it?), or would you cater to the lowest common denominator?

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Interesting questions. If I was doing db introspection by default I'd set SortableFieldList to * or all, so by default can order by anything, but the developer can easily overload the value of the list.

As for records per page, I use 25 as default, but default and the options (e.g. 10,25,50,100) which a user can select at runtime are both configurable.

Posted by Peter Bell on May 07, 2007 at 12:31 PM UTC - 5 hrs

I usually base how many records I want back when paginating on the website design and not the bandwidth of the users. So if I do an admin screen with a tiny font then maybe I want 50 back but if I do a "fancy" screen on a website I can see that 10 would be enough in some cases.

Posted by Per Djurner on May 07, 2007 at 02:33 PM UTC - 5 hrs

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