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Today I put some code into the scriptaGulous repository at RIAForge. (scriptaGulous is a function library that intends to duplicate all the ColdFusion tags (where it makes sense) to make them usable in cfscript blocks).

Basically, I wrote a generator to read the taglib.cftld and generate some code for us to start with. I was going to generate some unit tests too, but I've got to move on to doing some other work.

Anyway, I'm sure plenty of the tags/functions actually do work, but when you cfinclude scriptagulous.cfm, you'll get attribute validation errors in some of the tags.

So now on to the next stage of development: making all the tags work. For that, we need your help! (if you want to use this sooner rather than later) If you'd like to commit to contributing a tag or two (or more!), please join the scriptaGulous Google Group and record which tags you're working on so we don't duplicate our efforts.

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