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Ok, this is a well known issue (and I feel like a moron for it taking me so long to figure out), but I couldn't figure it out for the life of me (I was looking in the wrong spot the whole time - who would think CF Studio had anything to do with it?).

For the longest time, my FTP was not working, and today we finally narrowed it down to Allaire FTP & RDS. The only problem is, I couldn't set up an FTP site on it, and I couldn't uninstall it (in fact, it looked about half-uninstalled, as it remained under "My Computer" but the icon was dead and you couldn't do anything with it.

We were looking at 3 different computers and trying to figure out why one used to work, one stopped working long ago, and one worked just fine. We were lucky enough to be doing a fresh install of Windows on one of the computers, and on the clean install FTP worked fine. After installing CF Studio 4.5 (he's old school) the FTP stopped working. Problem found.

To fix it, we just needed this technote from Adobe (which was hard to find because the searches were yielding links to House of Fusion --> --> --> Page no longer exists on Anyway, that's what you'll likely need to do to get your FTP working again if you're a CF developer and it stopped working.

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Dude - cf studio 4.5? You KNOW there are still punchcard readers around if he doesn't want to use these newfangled "Visual Display Unit" things - right?!

C'mon - he's gotta either get with the program and move to CF Eclipse or do hardcore for real and select either Vi or Emacs :->

Posted by Peter Bell on May 28, 2007 at 05:47 PM UTC - 6 hrs

Well, he doesn't develop in CF that often, and likes the fact it has syntax highlighting and is very quick to load.

But, I'm glad he's using it, otherwise I'd still not have my FTP working and I dropped CF studio 4.5 LONG ago! =)

Posted by Sam on May 28, 2007 at 05:55 PM UTC - 6 hrs

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