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The Houston city council approved a contract with Earthlink to enable wifi across the city (640 square miles or so!). Some key points:
  • Earthlink is building it at their own expense, with the City of Houston as its first client (paying 2.5 million over 5 years).
  • Access will be available for normal people at around $22 dollars per month (if I remember correctly, the plan was originally developed wanting free access for everyone, but I could be wrong).
  • It will be built in 2 years, but I don't understand how they are doing it in 100 square mile increments and plan to cover the whole city in that time (unless it's 100 sq. mile increments per 4 months or something)
  • $22 is a lot cheaper than 40! And 40,000 spots for people with low income are available that will be given a 10 dollar discount
That's going to be one helluva large wireless network span. The Houston Chronicle has the complete story.

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