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Wow, six posts in one day. I'm exhausted. My last link to InfoQ today comes in thanking them for the timely post Ruby Domain Specific Languages Buzz. There, I got that out of the way.

It is timely for me, because a couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to try to implement a Partial-Order Planner DSL in Ruby. I haven't yet started, nor have I decided on a full course of action. But, I do have a vague strategy outlined in my head, and while I have yet to decide if I will be using the code provided by Reginald Braithwaite in his post about "an Approach to Composing Domain-Specific Languages in Ruby," the content will probably prove helpful. Another link they put was to Creating DSLs with Ruby posted by Jim Freeze to Artima's Ruby Code and Style.

I'll let you know how my progress goes. I'll probably start a little survey of what Partial-Order Planning is - similar to my paper on k-means - and cover some research about it first and post piece by piece to build my paper this time, rather than waiting to post it all at once. I'm not married to that approach, so you might see some code first ... but I'm leaning that way.

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One big thing I forgot to mention is that the article says "Martin Fowler ... is busy writing his own DSL book."


Posted by Sam on Mar 30, 2007 at 06:31 AM UTC - 5 hrs

Thanks for the link love! Please keep us posted as to what approach works best for your DSL...

Posted by Reg Braithwaite on Jun 12, 2007 at 01:10 PM UTC - 5 hrs

And thanks for the comment (and valuable resource!) As it happens, I didn't need much work to get it going (imagine that!).

I detailed the DSL at

The partial-order planner itself doesn't work for /some/ cases (in particular, the interleaving of plans as required by the problem that spurred their development), but I plan to make it work at some point when I get the time, in case someone might find it useful.

But the requirements of the DSL itself were easy enough to implement. Thanks again!

Posted by Sam on Jun 12, 2007 at 01:44 PM UTC - 5 hrs

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