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It had been a while since I visited InfoQ, but the other day I got one of their mailings in my inbox, and tons of it was relevant to my interests (even more so than normal). Rather than having a separate post for all of it, I decided to combine much of it into this post.

First, this post let me know that Thoughtworks has released CruiseControl.rb, which is good news for Ruby users who also want continuous integration. I've yet to use it, but those guys are a great company and it seems like everything they touch turns to gold.

Next, of interest to Java programmers and ORM fans, Google has contributed code to Hibernate that allows people to "keep their data in more than one relational database for whatever reason-too much data or to isolate certain datasets, for instance-without added complexity when building and managing applications."

Then, Bruce Tate, who is probably best known for his books Beyond Java and From Java to Ruby (by me anyway) has a case study on, his new project that uses Rails. It looks like a good starting point if you are developing a high-traffic Rails site. And, the site does some good charity work - taking only the credit card processing fee from your donation to the causes of your choice.

Finally, Gilad Bracha speaks about dynamic languages on the JVM. Until recently he was the Computational Theologist (is that someone who studies the religion of computation?) at Sun. The talk is just over 30 minutes long, and is at a surprisingly low level - so geeks only! He discusses a few of the challenges with implementation details on getting dynamic languages to run natively in byte-code (as opposed to writing an interpreter in Java which would then interpret the dynamic language). This includes a new instruction for invoking methods - invokedynamic, as well as a discussion on possible implementations of hotswapping - the technique that allows you to modify code at runtime. Very interesting stuff.

For today, I should be done referencing InfoQ, except to give them credit in my next post for turning me on to a couple of good resources for implementing DSLs in Ruby (which is the subject of my next post). I'll post the link in the comments when I'm done with it - I try not to edit these posts anymore since MXNA likes to visit every 30 seconds and thinks the date is the unique identifier of the post... you know, instead of using the XML field called "guid." =) (sorry guys, just poking a little fun - thanks for aggregating me).

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Hi Sam, are you receiving InfoQ's weekly newsletters? If so then you should be finding new cool things every week and not just now. :)


Posted by Floyd Marinescu on Mar 29, 2007 at 03:55 PM UTC - 5 hrs

+1 InfoQ just gets better and better. Sign up for the newsletter, and next year I think I'm going to try to check out the conferences as well.

Posted by Peter Bell on Mar 29, 2007 at 06:19 PM UTC - 5 hrs


Absolutely, I've got the newsletter! And, I guess I could have explained that better: I normally try to visit several times before I ever get the newsletter. It's just this time, I hadn't been in a couple of weeks, and when I got the latest newsletter, it was surprising that SO MUCH of it was *directly* relevant to things I'm doing *right now*.

It's normally pretty relevant anyway, seeing as 3/5 of your main content areas are things I work with fairly regularly, and another one I do from time to time. I subscribe to the 5th one anyway, just to broaden my horizons a bit. =)

I've been a regular visitor since last May, when Venkat (who has contributed a little content, and been interviewed once) mentioned it. I was a student of his at the time.

Anyway, great resource Floyd, and thanks for putting it together for all of us. I'll stop my schoolgirl rambling now. =)

@Peter - I had wanted to go this year as well, but too little time. I think next year I should be having more time. Maybe I'll see you there!

Posted by Sam on Mar 30, 2007 at 04:46 AM UTC - 5 hrs

Oops, I forgot the link to that other post. It's at

Posted by Sam on Mar 30, 2007 at 05:11 AM UTC - 5 hrs

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