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One of the things I've been dreading is getting Rails to work with IIS, although it appears to be getting easier (last time I checked, there was no such "seamless integration"). But eWeek has some good news. They note that core developer on the JRuby project, Charles Nutter
said the JRuby project will announce, possibly as soon as this week, that JRuby supports the popular Ruby on Rails Web development framework. Ruby on Rails is sometimes referred to as RoR or simply Rails.

"We're trying to finish off the last few test cases so we can claim that more than 95 percent of core Rails tests passed across the board," Nutter said.

Moreover, the JRuby team is inviting Rails developers to try out real-world usage of JRuby and help them find any Rails issues the unit tests do not cover, or any remaining failures that are crucial for real applications, Nutter said.

Support for Ruby on Rails is important because "once Rails can run on JVM alongside other Java apps, existing Java shops will have a vector to bringing Rails apps into their organizations. They won't have to toss out the existing investment in servers and software to go with the new kid on the block," Nutter said.
The article also mentions "Microsoft is looking at support for Ruby developers and broader uses of Ruby, including having it run on the CLR."

Both bits of good news for fans of Ruby who want it to play well with Windows and IIS. Not to mention that using JRuby (or NRuby, if it will be called that for .NET) should open up all of those libraries available to Java/.NET developers, which has been considered by some to be one of Ruby's weaker spots.

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