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Today I was working on some code where an error message could follow one of three basic formats:

[Column Name] is required to be a/n [data type]
[Column Name] is a required field.
[Column Name] must be a/n valid [data type]

The trouble was that [Column Name] isn't known (only the entire message), and doesn't come in the case (as in upper/lower) that I want it displayed. Therefore, I wanted to use rereplace() to end with something like:

<span style='text-transform: capitalize;'>#columnName#</span> [rest of message].

Of course, this isn't very hard. You just need to use a backreference to substitute the old match into the replacement substring:

rereplace(err, "((is[ a]*required)|(must be))" ,"</span>\1","one").

The \1 is the backreference. But, the part that I had forgotten is that you need parenthesis around the matched text that you are referencing. Therefore, all I needed was the outer parentheses.

I know this is actually quite simple, and mostly useless for most people, but I hadn't used it in a while, and forgot how to do it. So, I thought I'd post a little reminder for myself, and anyone else who might need it.

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