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I just wanted to provide an update about the UPS "explain in detail you problem with just 255 characters" problem I had. It turns out, their support not only took the time to figure out what my horrendous letter said, but they understood it, got back to me within a very quick timeframe, and said they'd forward on the craziness of the 255 character limit!

I've yet to check if it changed, but here's to hoping it will.

In any case, I just wanted to say great job UPS on your developer support!

Update: I just wanted to say I am a complete moron. It was a setting in the XML I sent to UPS that was the culprit. And I swear I looked it up and down and didn't see it, until finally one of their level 3 support people pointed it out. My apologies to the UPS tech support whose time I wasted!

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