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Now that we can insert posts, it is possible to update, select, delete, and search for them. To me, any one of these would be a valid place to go next. However, since I want to keep the database as unchanged as possible, I'll start with test_deletePost(). This way, as posts are inserted for testing, we can easily delete them.

Here is the code I wrote in xorblog/cfcs/tests/test_PostEntity:

<cffunction name="test_deletePost" access="public" returnType="void" output="false">
   <cfset var local = structNew()>   
   <cfset local.newID=_thePostEntity.insertPost(name="blah", meat="blah", originalDate="1/1/1900", author="yoda")>
   <cfset local.wasDeleted = _thePostEntity.deletePost(local.newID)>

   <cfset assertTrue(condition=local.wasDeleted, message="The post was not deleted.")>

   <cfquery name="" datasource="#_datasource#">
      select id from post where id = <cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_integer" value="#local.newID#">

   <cfset assertEquals(actual =, expected = 0)>

And the corresponding code for deletePost():

<cffunction name="deletePost" output="false" returntype="boolean" access="public">
   <cfargument name="id" required="true" type="numeric">

   <cfset var local = structNew()>
   <cfset local.result = false>
      <cfquery name="local.del" datasource="#_datasource#">
         delete from post where id = <cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_integer" value="#id#">
      <cfset local.result=true>
   <cfreturn local.result>

Originally, I just left the test as asserting that local.wasDeleted was true. However, writing just enough of deletePost() in xorblog/cfcs/tests/PostEntity to get the test to pass resulted in the simple line <cfreturn true>. Since that would always pass, I also added a check that the inserted post no longer existed.

Now that we have some duplicate code, its definitely time to do some refactoring. More on that next time. (To be continued...)

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