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After my first couple of trial runs, I was a bit disappointed with the performance of cfrails. It was taking several seconds for simple pages to load, which is completely unacceptable. Of course with everything dynamically synthesized for you, you expect a performance hit, because CF isn't all that fast itself, but several seconds is way too long to wait.

After the disappointment, I tried running it on our production box, and while you could still notice it was a bit slow, it wasn't unacceptable. But, if possible, I want to improve the performance (and I have quite a few ideas on how to acheive that).

So, that brings me to the good news: After about a 3-4 month hiatus on doing anything in Coldfusion (except for the occassional maintenance, for not more than an hour at a time), I'm finally working in a few CF projects again (3, to be exact). Working in CF again cascades the good news to cfrails - our development machine sucks.

Now, I've known this for quite some time - it's still the same box we were running CF 4.5 on. I think it may have had a couple of upgrades since then, but it's certainly not more than 528 MB RAM with a 1 GHz processor. In any case, I was doing some work this morning in a non-cfrails utilizing project, and it is equally slow (whereas a few months ago, when I was developing heavily on it, it was "normal"). That means it's likely cfrails performance isn't as bad as I thought it was, though I won't stick my neck out and say it performs well.

The further good news is that since I'm working in CF again, I'm wanting to use cfrails for the new work - and that means I'll be adding features to it a lot more often than I was in the last 3 months. Which means that sooner rather than later, it will become useful for someone besides me!

Anyway, we've got a new development box that's been in the works for a little while, with all the latest stuff. And since the current one is forcing me to wait longer for pages to load than the time I spend coding (literally), I'm taking a break from coding until we get it up - which will hopefully be soon.

Finally, if you're one of the few people who have downloaded and used cfrails, I'd like to hear from you if you've had performance issues. So let me know through the contact form until I get some comments up and running.

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