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A couple of days ago I wrote about wanting to do a nice test runner interface to my unit (and integration) tests in Coldfusion. Well, it seems that just a couple of days before that, Laura Arguello (possibly in collaboration with her partner, Nahuel Foronda) released cfcUnit Runner on RIA Forge.

Up until now, I've been using CFUnit, about which she says "I believe it could also used to run CFUnit tests, but CFUnit will need to implement a service façade that Flex can use."

I'm going to get cfcUnit and download cfcUnit runner and try it out sometime soon. It looks really sweet. Then, if I can automatically run tests marked as slow or choose to skip all those marked as such, Laura (and Nahuel?) will have saved me a bunch of time and provided for all of us exactly the system I was thinking I wanted!

Update: Robert Blackburn, creator of CFUnit, said in the comments at Laura and Nahuel's blog that he is indeed working on something similar for CFUnit, and would be willing to implement the service façade Laura mentioned. Awesome!

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