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OK, maybe its not the stupidist ever, but its almost on par with that error I get from time to time that tells me I need a primary key passed to cfupdate when I've got a primary key passed in, and to top it off it works sometimes (the cfupdate one). This one has to do with lists.

I love lists and list processing in Coldfusion. I use them for everything. But one thing I can't stand (which is something I feel I ought to be able to do), is when I get an exception because the list is too short (or sometimes too long). In this case, I was trying to delete an element from the list, but the element didn't exist. So, I got an "Invalid list index 0" error.

Maybe I'm too used to Ruby and its ability to index arrays with say, -1 to get the last element. But I don't feel its asking too much to have

<cfset listdeleteat(local.hotellist,listcontainsnocase(local.hotellist,"other"))>

not bomb if listcontainsnocase returns 0.

How do you feel? How often do you use lists? All the time like me?

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