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I finally got around to watching Ron Jeffries' interview at InfoQ. Most of this is not groundbreaking new material for programmers/managers/stakeholders/vampirebats who ship "running tested features" on an short iterative basis. But, he said two things that really hit home for me:
If we fall behind on our design, what happens is: our velocity, instead of going up, will begin to tail off and ultimately crash. Almost every software developer at one time or another has worked on a program where he wants to say : "I can't put another feature into this; this program's design is so horrible that I can't add any more features to it, it's incredibly difficult."
It's a choice: now, I don't do everything I ought to do, or even everything that I'm quite confident that I have to do, and I don't think anyone does. But the more skill we could bring to this project, and the more we learn how to put those skills togetherwith other people's skills, I think that enables us to come around to do what we have to do.
How true! It's worth the 23 or so minutes it takes to watch it. Anyway, you can find the interview here.

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