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Not two hours into using IE7, it's already made me mad. It seems it sets itself as the default browser. Thing is, and I could very well be wrong on this, I don't remember it asking me such a question.

In any case, it's a pretty slick browser. I like how they've redone the top, and sort of minimalized the wasted space up there that I never used in the first place. It certainly looks spiffy too, and it reminds me of way back in the day when I thought it was the best browser around (and, I think for quite some time I was justified in thinking so).

But, from my understanding of containers and percentage sizes, it still behaved oddly using form fields to go 100%. It just ignores the container, from what I can tell. And, I can't beleive that when you use scroll: auto;, and have no max height set, it puts the horizontal scroll right where the page would render without it, thus forcing the need for a vertial scroll bar too. Madness I tell you!

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