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Well, I guess I lied when I said xorBlog wouldn't be developed until I had caught up on my writing. I still haven't gotten caught up, but this morning I couldn't stand it any more - I had to have a way to categorize posts. Now, I didn't TDD these, and I didn't even put them in the right place. True to the name of the blog, I interspersed code where it was needed. I feel absolutely dirty, but I just couldn't spare the time at the moment to do it right, and I could no longer endure not having any categories. So, I took about 15 minutes, coded up a rudimentary category system, violated DRY in 2 places, and put a few comments like "this needs to be refactored into a CFC" throughout the code (as it needed).

At least I have some categories now (its not as gratifying a feeling as I thought it would be, however). I plan on refactoring this as soon as I have a chance. I'll write about it as well - it might make for some more interesting reading in the TDDing xorBlog series of posts.

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