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This week's advice from MJWTI deals with making the "boring" tasks in software development more exciting (in the chapter, "How Good A Job Can I Do Today?")

Chad notes that although "it's rewarding to do a good job and to be appreciated," most time, "we allow ourselves to be extremely selective about where and when we really go out of our way to excel."

So, if the Pareto principle applies here, how can we make the 80% boring work be more like the exciting 20%, and go all out, doing our best?

Chad suggests making it a competition with yourself:
What if you tried to do the boring stuff perfectly?
Or, if you want to get competitive with your teammates,
Turn those boring tasks into a competition with your co-workers. See who can do them better... Keep a scoreboard for the whole team. Compete for bragging rights (or even prizes). At the end of a project, arrange for the winner to have his or her grunt work done by the rest of the team for a whole week.
Would that help? I've already resolved to do the boring work with a smile, but something like that might help the smile not feel forced.

What do you think?

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